Kevin Wall- Chairman

Nationally recognized talk show host heard locally on Las Vegas, Nevada's KBET 790 Talk Now as well as other stations in the southwest Kevin is committed to serving the community. Through his professional associations, like Wounded Warriors, Make a Wish and Veterans' Resource Center he has been instrumental in publishing our goals.

Robin Hager - Treasurer

Dr. Hager, (PharmD) is C.E.O. and founder of Herb and Oil based on the principle that Eastern and Western medicine practices can coexist and compliment each other to ultimately provide the best possible outcome for patients and clients alike. Dr. Hager brings years of board expertise and excitement to Chariot of Fire's goal to help those with mobility restrictions.

Vickie Smith - Secretary

n 2012 my dream of a balloon flight was fulfilled. But it was a subsequent flight that I noticed how difficult it was for some passengers to climb the 4ft wicker wall to enable them to enjoy their amazing ride. Through donations Chariot of Fire’s easy access basket continues to grant wishes to those who were excluded from this life changing experience without embarrassment and financial restrictions.


Kevin Cloney - Chief Pilot Board Member

With 2000 hours of accident free hot air balloon flights. Capt. Kevin was the perfect choice for flying Nevada's only wheelchair accessible hot air balloon. Care and compassion is just the beginning of Kevin's skills in providing life changing wheelchair flights to those with mobility restrictions.

Tommy Biones

New Board member

Jodi Friedman

Jodi Friedman specializes in bringing balance to people through Guided Meditation with visualization, affirmations, and the calming energy of Reiki healing. In addition she helps people let go of their negative programs and limiting decisions using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming.), Her coaching encompasses great health practices, relationships with self, others, romance, family, financial success, to finding a better career or work management style when imbalances have shown up in life. When it’s time for a change, Jodi Friedman can help you through any transformation you may need.

Erin Bilbry

New Board member

Keith Davis

New Board member

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Alisha Contos

New Board member

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Renae Atkinson

New Board member